Our Product

Information Technology & Networking


         Information Technology


    1. Outsourcing
    2. Cloud computing & Security Solution
    3. Programming & Application
    4. Networking
    5. Wiring (Fiber, LAN, Power and Telephone)
    6. Preventive Maintenance
    7. Software Implementation
    8. Hardware Combination
    9. Facilities for Data Center / Server room
   10. IMACD 


 •  Electronics and electricity


             1. Microprocessor , PLC , Arduino, Raspberry Pi
             2. Software Design
             3. Appplication Android, iOS
             4. The whole system circuit integration design
             5. Air conditioning control and monitoring system
             6. Solar Cell Combine and Monitoring System
             7. Illumination and signage systems
             8. Power backup solution


        • CCTV
        1. Design and installation
        2. System check work
        3. Preventive Maintenance work



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Image Description Electronics and Electricity Service

Electronics and Electricity Service

Image Description Information Technology Service

Information Technology Service

Image Description Program Development

Program Development

Image Description Network Service

Network Service